Antarctica: Operation Tabarin and What the Brits Found

“Germany lost the European war in 1945 in order to win the South Polar one in 1947.” — Comment at

Trivia Question: At the time of Germany’s surrender in 1945, who was her president? If your knee-jerk response was “Adolf Hitler,” well, sorry, but thanks for playing. A few days before his escape — and shall we all now stop pretending that the Führer committed suicide on April 30, 1945? Thank you — Hitler nominated his Supreme Commander of the Navy, Karl Dönitz as his successor, alternatively spelled “Doenitz” or “Donitz” in the internet literature.


Supreme Commander of the Navy, Karl Dönitz (Photo: Wikipedia)

Dönitz has gone down in history as the commander of the awe-inspiring German U-boat Machine. He was fiercely loyal to the Nazi party and continued to recognize Hitler as his Führer long after Hitler’s supposed death. He had good reason to believe that Hitler WAS still his Führer because the evidence is piling up that the Nazi party simply transferred their headquarters from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern one in 1945, all with the aid of hundreds of U-boats that just seemed to never quite get accounted for by the Allies after the war.

Again we turn to the web extract [linked here] of “Britain’s Secret War in Antarctica” for a truly jaw-dropping narrative. It astounds me that nobody has produced a blockbuster movie or a 7-part Netflix miniseries of this NON-FICTIONAL tale. Well, perhaps not surprising. It suits the interests of the intel agencies to divert the public’s attention from the truth by spreading a buffet of UFO’s, extra-terrestrials, and “official” WWII history documentaries. Even now, we see so much being produced that comes close to, and yet never quite landing directly on, the truth.

This sequel in our RogueMoney Antarctica saga swirls around the role that Britain played in the secret Antarctica battle front. Admiral Karl Dönitz held all the trump cards with his control of the German Kriegsmarine. As reported in the above-linked web extract, “In one of his inaugural speeches to a select officer elite, Dönitz claimed that ‘the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La land, an impregnable fortress’. This was an impressive statement and one that inspired allegiance in his officers and pride in Hitler and the Kriegsmarine. Dönitz’s statement spread around the Kriegsmarine with gusto, for all who heard it believed in the possibility.”

At the conclusion of my previous blog [linked here], I raised an eyebrow over the fact that Dönitz received a mere 10-year slap on the wrist as his punishment for Nazi crimes against humanity following his trial at Nuremberg. What’s more, when released from Spandau, he got to live out his days in free West Germany, in Hamburg. There were other Nazi officials with far less devoted allegiance who received sterner sentences and were dragged off to East Germany. Therefore, it is the speculation of this same web article that Dönitz likely struck a deal. The web article goes on to say:

Karl Dönitz Nuremberg “mug shot”, 1945

In light of Dönitz’s pledge to continue the fight and the vast force still under his command, and considering Allied fears, could “peace” have been struck – a peace that had guarantees for all sides? Dönitz could have asked for Germany to be rebuilt and not humiliated like at Versailles, for the Western Allies to fight the spread of Bolshevism, and for leniency if not clemency from the victors, including a whitewash of his personal wartime history, in exchange for a total surrender and for passing on extremely sensitive intelligence. Only a week after Dönitz had declared that the war would continue whilst Bolshevism persisted, he ordered the surrender of all German forces.

All the facts indicate that Dönitz’s history has been suppressed, and against all reason Dönitz is still not perceived by mainstream historians as having been a major player in Nazi Germany. Clemency was shown with such a short prison sentence, the communist threat had been realized by the Western Allies, and West Germany rose out of the ashes of May 1945 to become the powerhouse of Europe, with many of the major companies that bankrolled the Nazi Party forming huge conglomerates.

To strike such a sweetheart deal with the Allies, the victors of WWII must have had reason to believe that his Shangri-La in the southern hemisphere was no mere rant.

One of the few books that relates the incredible tale of Operation Tabarin

Indeed, there is a first-person account that proves that Britain had discovered at least one Nazi Shangri-La in Antarctica during their Operation Tabarin. What’s more, Britain held their intel tightly close to their vest and away from her closest ally, the United States.

“The Polar Men Have Found Us!”

Decades after the war, a survivor of a British special ops team told the tale of a top-secret assignment that landed him and a dozen-or-so commandos in a campaign for which he would never receive any public credit. It is whispered as Britain’s Neuschwabenland Campaign, after the German name of the Norwegian territory “Queen Maud Land” that Hitler found so appealing as a Nazi base. This story takes place between October-December 1945.

Admiral and acting German President Karl Dönitz arrested May 23, 1945

Keep that time period in your head. It is so critical when you overlay all the other events taking place in 1945. Hitler’s crowd has made their getaway to Argentina in April-May 1945. Dönitz gets arrested May 23, 1945. Germany surrenders. Nuremberg trial date is set.

At almost the exact same moment when Europe is celebrating V-E day in May 1945, way down in New Swabia, Antarctica, two panicked survivors of a British reconnaissance team scream these words into a radio message: “The Polar Men have found us!” And then the radio goes dead.

The special ops veteran relates his story [linked here]:

We were told in no specific terms what was expected of us and what Britain expected us to find on Antarctica. Britain had more than a strong suspicion that the Germans had built a secret base and had spirited many of the unaccounted Nazis away from the turmoil in Europe.

Still, more and more revelations were forthcoming. The summer before, we were told, the original scientists and commandos had found an “ancient tunnel”. Under orders, the force went through the tunnel but only two returned before the Antarctic winter set in. During the winter months, the two survivors made absurd claims over the radio about “Polar Men, ancient tunnels and Nazis”. Radio contact was finally lost in July 1945, and ominously for our mission, going into the unknown, the last broadcast brought us all further anxiety as we listened to the fear in the voice: “…the Polar Men have found us!” was screamed before contact was lost.

After the radio broadcast was played, we were then given a rousing speech from the Major who would be leading the expedition to investigate what had happened.

There are hidden lakes and dry valleys all over Queen Maud Land (Germany’s New Swabia) that are deliberately omitted from the recon maps.

“We are to go to the base at Maudheim, find the tunnel, investigate the enigma of the Polar Men and the Nazis and do what we can to make sure the Nazi threat is destroyed.”

The veteran goes on to describe how his commando team found one of these two British spies manning the now-deserted camp in October 1945. He had been alone there since July. The freshly arrived commandos wanted to know what happened to his comrade. Apparently, the two of them were part of a larger team of spies who discovered a long tunnel located in a dry valley that opened eventually into a huge cavern staffed by hundreds of Nazi personnel. The story goes on:

[The] vast underground cavern was abnormally warm; some of the scientists believed that it was warmed geothermally. In the huge cavern were underground lakes; however, the mystery deepened, as the cavern was lit artificially. The cavern proved so extensive that they had to split up, and that was when the real discoveries were made.

The Nazis had constructed a huge base into the caverns and had even built docks for U-boats, and one was identified supposedly. Still, the deeper they travelled, the more strange visions they were greeted with.

Artist conception of this military Nazi ice base. (Image:

The survivor reported that “hangars for strange planes and excavations galore” had been documented.

However, their presence had not gone unnoticed: the two survivors at the Maudheim base witnessed their comrades get captured and executed one by one. After witnessing only six of the executions, they fled to the tunnel, lest they be caught, with the aim to block up the tunnel – though “it was too late; the Polar Men were coming”, claimed the survivor.

Maudheim base (Photo: Scott Polar Research Institute)

With enemy forces hot on their tail, they had no choice but to try to get back to the base so that they could inform and warn their superiors about what they had uncovered. They managed to get back to the base, but, with winter approaching and little chance of rescue, they believed it was their duty to make sure the secret Nazi base was reported; and so they split up, each taking a wireless and waiting in separate bunkers.

One of the survivors tempted one of the Polar Men into the bunker in the hope that they’d believe only one had survived. The plan worked, but to the detriment of his life and to the radio. Unfortunately, the brave soul in Bunker One had the only fully operational wireless radio, which was destroyed in the fracas. The other survivor had no option but to sit, wait and try to avoid going stir crazy.

Did the Germans genetically create Polar Men like a Big Foot?

The mystery of who or what the Polar Men were was explained, not satisfactorily but explained nonetheless, as a product of Nazi science; and the enigma of how the Nazis were getting power was also explained, albeit not in scientific terms. The power that the Nazis were utilizing was by volcanic activity, which gave them heat for steam and also helped produce electricity, but the Nazis had also mastered an unknown energy source because the survivor claimed:

“…after what I witnessed, the amount of electricity needed is more than could be produced, in my opinion, by steam”.

After hearing this lone survivor’s story, the Major of the commando team decided they should go investigate whatever was locked up behind the door of Bunker One. The Lone Survivor begged them not to open it. But they did it anyway. The veteran eyewitness reported that, indeed, a huge hairy “Polar Man” ran out so fast that the team only got off a few shots. The humanoid escaped into the wilderness and the team discovered the bones of the other survivor of the spy team. He had been devoured by the Polar Man who sat in that bunker for nearly four months.

I encourage you to click here and finish reading this riveting tale. The conclusion of this account states that the commando team did in fact investigate the tunnel and did discover a highly populated Nazi base, just as the Lone Spy Survivor had reported. The commando team lured the Polar Man to his death and laid mines all over the tunnel and partially into the cavern’s space. However, just when the commando team was preparing to detonate the explosives, they were discovered by the Nazi guards. A chase was given, and this one veteran of the team plus a Norwegian guide and a scientist observer were all that got away safely. Even the lone survivor of the original spy team died. These three lived to tell the tale only to themselves and a handful of British elite. The rest of the commando team accomplished their mission goal to wipe out any evidence of the tunnel by detonating the explosives. But they paid for their bravery with their lives and remain unsung heroes of this Antarctic battle ground.

Keep in mind that all of this is happening just as the Nuremberg trials are opening. Karl Dönitz makes his public statements about a “paradise fortress” staffed for the Führer. The Brits are happy that they succeeded in blocking any evidence of this one tunnel. But how do they know if there might be other similar caverns and Nazi bases?

They only have to wait a few more months to find out. Stay tuned for the next installment of this saga!

The Weaponization of Archaeology

Folks, as a special treat, posted below is a link to a Youtube interview that Dr. Joseph P. Farrell recorded nearly on the same day as when I posted my previous Antarctica blog about the occult motivation behind the Antarctica expeditions. I had no idea he would be recording his views on this whole Antarctica story. But I do so love it when somebody of his stature unwittingly runs parallel to my own story. The first half of this clip is all about the Nazi’s in Antarctica.

Here is a partial transcript of his comments near the 16-minute mark.It’s safe to assume that the Nazi’s looked at that [Plato Atlantis] story in that same way. And the reason I say that is that in 1935, Heinrich Himmler began to recruit people into the SS that had, ah, let’s just say, “esoteric credentials.” In 1940 he officially establishes the [Ahnenerbe, the “Ancestral Research Bureau”]. In the memo he uses to establish this thing, this department is setup to investigate occult lore, legends, literature, practice … of all types, no matter how looney it seemed … for its potential military application.

So in other words, folks, what Nazi Germany is telling you is that it’s the first modern great power that is deliberately going out and looking for a lot of ancient stuff, for its potential military application. We now have the weaponization of archaeology.  

To me this is a clear signal that the Nazis suspect there’s something going on in these ancient texts that clearly indicates that there is a destructive technology that simply went missing when we blew ourselves apart in an earlier part of human history that’s now lost in the mists of prehistory.

I think, given all these background circumstances, it’s a plausible speculation that, yes, they were going down to Antarctica to look for something. So put that into the context that Secretary of State John Kerry just made a little junket to Antarctica, etc…. Lo and behold it’s a very strange list of [high-profile visitors to Antarctica, like Prince Harry, King Juan Carlos, Patriarch Kirill].

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