Some UFO Cases Caught on Tape

An increasing number of UFO cases have been reported by people all over the world. Video cameras are now capturing hundreds of these baffling unidentified flying objects which puzzle both those who believe and those who don’t.

On this program there’ll be presented the most compelling videotaped evidence of extraordinary and unknown craft ever shown anywhere and hear from a top government physicist, a video analyst, and the eyewitnesses themselves. Could these be actual alien spacecraft, sophisticated military vehicles hidden from the public or incredible hoaxes? You decide for yourself as we examine the best UFO cases ever caught on tape.

A startling, domed flying machine was videotaped over America on May 24th, 2003. It appeared to be a mysterious device displaying some unknown propulsion system. The crystal clear footage was shot by a videographer, Jeff Willes, while standing outside his home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Some top UFO experts believe this is the kind of compelling evidence that should get the US government’s attention. Willis, a dedicated videographer, has taped several inexplicable UFOs over Phoenix – a city that many experts claim has the most UFO activity of any American city.

But it’s his focused efforts to document strange, disc-shaped craft and eerie, night-time formations that have produced some of the strongest UFO evidence on record. On December 11th, 2004, in the clear blue skies above Phoenix, Willis managed to tape a disc hovering for several minutes before a strange second object passed it from above.

Then on May 24th, 2005, the two-year anniversary of his astounding dome saucer sighting, Willis captured an enigmatic craft navigating over his house. It too appears to be a metallic device displaying unknown flight characteristics. Moving silently the UFO appeared to be two objects or had split into separate parts somehow linked together.

Just a few months later Willis videotaped day-like disc which incredibly turns into an orange, glowing orb before vanishing behind the building. But the nighttime UFO encounters Willis managed to record during the same period are perhaps even more difficult to explain, and were witnessed by a fellow sky-watcher.

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