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Watch Documentary:

Several researchers, insiders, and alleged whistleblowers have reported that an alliance within various sectors of human life is working to overthrow the Deep State, restore the rule of law, and stop environmental destruction. There are several indications that this alliance does indeed exist but nothing totally concrete. The preceding information discusses updates from someone who claims to have contacts within this alleged alliance. This information is helpful because it provides a bit of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. However, one should not cease in their personal efforts for freedom upon the hearing of these updates. This is one of the potential harms of information of this sort; it tends to make people inactive because they feel someone else is going to do the work of gaining freedom and ending the tyranny of the Deep State. To be sure, these Great Works cannot be done by one or two people, but it also can’t happen without an active population capable of recognizing positive changes and rallying to support them. Indeed, without the spiritual support of the people, any such effort on the part of an alliance will only produce temporary results. True freedom, prosperity, and goodness can only come about because a majority of people in a civilization recognize their role in maintaining that society through intelligent and coordinated participation with other like-minded lawful custodians and wayshowers.

– Justin