Cosmic Disclosure and The Grand Tour of Inner Earth

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DW: All right, welcome back to ”Cosmic Disclosure.” I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode. And it is a really fascinating story, something that when he wrote this up, it went nuts on the internet, right? I mean this, blew out all the records of viewership and user engagement. The type of feedback you’ve been getting on this was just phenomenal.

CG: Yes

DW: So we had a discussion about this Alliance, and some of the things we zipped through kind of quickly because we wanted to chunk in a lot of narrative into a half an hour. So some of the inevitable questions that are going to come up when people watch the previous episode who haven’t read the paper, and we’ve got to assume that they haven’t, would be, for example, you said that these groups have a roughly 20 million year history. Are they all 20 million years old?

CG: The group with the Saturn symbol claimed to be 17 to 18 million years old. And the youngest of the groups– they said they didn’t give a date, but they said a few ice ages previous.

DW: The youngest of the groups. And which one was that?

CG: I thought to myself it was the group that looked most like us, the human.

DW: I see.

CG: I mean, to me that seemed to make sense.

DW: Now, these people were all wearing the robes and sandals?

CG: Yes.

DW: And that’s a ceremonial clothing that they all have to wear to be there?

CG: It’s not what they would normally wear. It was to wear– where we were at was a, I guess you would say holy ground, temple complex. And I don’t know if that was just for that group, what was their custom, or if that’s what they wear whenever they meet at other people’s locations.

DW: Did you didn’t notice anything specific on these holograms that you said were coming out of the amulets? Like was it– what was the scenes? Did it look like a heads-up display, or?

CG: Yeah, it looked like some sort of heads up, but I could not– from my perspective, I couldn’t see what it was. I could just see it was light coming up. And they were looking at it, messing with their pendants. I couldn’t see what it was. I guess it’s kind of like you have to be right in front of it. You know, viewing from my angle, I couldn’t see what it was, other than it was light.

DW: What was the weirdest thing that you saw from this woman’s life that surprised you the most when you’re getting this flash? Something that really was unexpected?

CG: Well, the fact that she was a virgin, that she was the priestess. She was in a priestess class. She was over 130 years old, and she was well, a virgin– had not been with a man, or had not been involved in any type of sexual activity in her life.

DW: When the Japanese were contacted by their gods, they described what they called Ame-no-torifune, which they said was bird boat universe, or flying boats from the universe. These people came down, gave them written language, taught them a tea ceremony, taught them to make silk and kimonos. And I’m wondering if you think it’s possible that one of these Inner Earth groups– because the swastika is associated with the Shinto gods as well– do you think there may be a connection between Shinto and some of these Inner Earth folks?

CG: Most likely. They claim to have done it cycle after cycle after cycle, that they brought these types of technologies to struggling and recovering civilizations time after time after time. And really curtailed that and slowed it down more after these ET races from outside started coming in.

DW: So you have this exchange with this woman. Gonzales must be wondering, what the heck was going on in that room? Because you were in there for a while, right? It didn’t happen right away.

CG: Yeah, that’s the first thing he said. He said, what’s going on in here?

DW: You’re with Gonzales. What happens next?

CG: We’ve been invited to go and take a tour. She’s much more relaxed. A lot– real happy about the experience.

DW: You both had a cigarette.


CG: She was elated that the experience that I shared with her she was going to be able to share with others. So she was feeling generous, wanting to show us around. And so we walked down the hall, went to a small, domed room and stood in the center. She rubbed and tapped on her dial– flash of light. We’re in another room– another big room. This area, the stone is slightly darker. It’s a different area. And so we start walking through some different passages and rooms.

S03ep04 06

DW: The overall look is the same, just that the stone is darker.

CG: Right. And we’re working our way. She wants to take us to see their gardens. We came out into– out kind of like– we were in the wall of like a cavern coming out, and there is a cavernous area that is so huge. And there are pillars that go all the way up to the ceiling, that I couldn’t even begin to estimate how tall the ceiling was.

DW: Wow.

CG: I mean this cavern was the size of a state in Texas. It was absolutely huge. And built into the pillar were some structures that were built into the pillars.

CG: Like where people live?

CG: Where people lived or worked or did something. And they were bigger around than any skyscrapers I’ve seen, these pillars. And there were all these–

DW: Did you feel like vertigo– like you’re like, whoa, you can’t even stand up?

CG: When you looked up, there was a– not really a vertigo feeling, but a forced perspective feeling of– did not expect to come out into such a large area.

DW: Was it the same type of diffuse lighting, where it’s just bright everywhere, and–

CG: Not up high. Down low there was– the lighting was everywhere.


CG: But there were people walking all around. We got to see just this one little area of this big city. And there were people walking around in one-piece clothing, different age people– young people, older people.

DW: One piece like jumpsuits?

CG: Yeah, kind of jumpsuits, one-piece suits.

DW: And what were the colors?

CG: They were red, green– I mean, all these different colors. And they were just walking about doing their business.

DW: Did this represent all the different types of people in the Inner Earth Alliance, or was this just one of the groups?

CG: This is just her– this is one of her cities of her group.

DW: So the people with the Saturn amulet.

CG: Right


CG: And those people were not wearing amulets that were walking around. And as we were walking along, still staying close to the cavern wall, we’ve seen a very small part of the city.

S0305 01

CG: There were some buildings that were built up in domes– some in kind of like oval domes that seemed to emanate light from themselves, kind of a white light. A lot of the buildings that were built out of the stone, like they were just molded out of the stone.

S0305 02

DW: Right.

CG: And we were looking around, and Gonzales bumped me again, and I looked up and there were all these craft flying around on the inside.

S0305 03

CG: And it looked like a 1950s movie. There were classic UFO saucer-shaped saucers flying around and large cigars and egg– almost perfect egg shaped.

S0305 04

DW: So these craft are zipping around inside this huge, huge room.

CG: Not only that, they’re flying through the side of the cavern at full speed. Not slowing down, flying right through the rock, right through the walls. And I mean, as if they’re water or air. Just flying right through them.

DW: So clearly they can go out of phase with the rock and just zip through it.

CG: So we got to see just very briefly, we got to see this as she walked us down into– back and towards the wall of the cavern.

DW: About how many craft were airborne at any one time that you could see?

CG: There were over 30.

DW: Wow.

CG: I don’t– there were a bunch. She brought us down into what were obviously like more service-type corridors. They weren’t quite like the corridors before. They were a little bit more narrow. They were I guess kind of like city works or service corridors.

She brought us to this area to where we walk out and we’re out on somewhat of a ledge. And you walk out the door, and then there’s like a staging kind of platform. And then you walk to the edge of the staging platform. There’s no rails. And then there’s like a cliff down, and then you’re looking out into this huge cavern area.

S0305 06

CG: And there are segmented crops and vineyards as far as you can see. And I couldn’t really make out exactly what was what, but you could just see segmented-off crops, trees off in the distance, vineyard areas, and there was water that was rushing in and then coming out on another side that you could hear.

DW: Like a hydroponic system.

CG: It was a hydroponic system. And she said the light– the full-spectrum light is produced in the same way described before.

DW: Did you ever get an estimate of how many people were in her population? Is it like 30 million, or–

CG: I don’t know how many people. But that was–

DW: But that’s enough food for a lot of people.

CG: It was– yes.

DW: I mean, we can grow most of the food for America in California, and you’re saying that this one room that you were in was as big as a state.

CG: This– yeah, the garden area was–

DW: Just colossal.

CG: Like hectare.

DW: Wow.

CG: I mean, it’s huge. And she pulled up a bunch of different types of rocks and crystals that were crushed up. And she said, this is the medium that the roots grow in. And she said the water has natural minerals in it, and we have a– we recycle everything. And on the other side of the wall, where the water flows through, it flows through some composting and other materials to give it nutrients. It flows through the rocks, and then the rocks filter the water, and the water returns back to its source clean.

And the nutrients go to the plants, and the crystals and the type of light create a very high-yield and high-vibratory food for them. And when she said high vibratory, she kind of looked at me and smiled because she knew that I had– I guess she knew I’d been talking about high-vibratory food after our little mind meld thing.

DW: OK, so you go through a few places, and where’s the next major thing that you end up going to?

CG: We exit out of this into the park, and it had a larger opening doorway that the four of us walked out into. And there are– we could smell all kinds of pollens, and just so many smells. Sensory overload of– and then sounds of– I mean, it was just sensory overload. And we walked in–

DW: Was it warmer?

CG: Yeah, there was– when you walked in there was an atmospheric change, like atmospheric pressure change. And there was an artificial ecosystem in this giant cavern that was as big if not bigger than the garden.

DW: Wow.

CG: And there were stairs that went up almost all the way to the very top that you could walk up. And the trees were so tall that we had to climb up the stairs to be able to see over the trees.

DW: You said before that the natural caverns inside the Earth only had vegetation that went up to like knee height. So how are they getting trees down in the Earth?

CG: This is– they terraformed. They created this environment.

DW: Wow.

CG: And they created– I mean, it had a pale blue sky.

DW: Really?

CG: And not full clouds, but misty kind of clouds.

DW: These trees are bigger than the redwoods in Northern California?

CG: I would assume so. I haven’t seen a redwood since I was a kid.

DW: Well, they’re pretty darn big.

CG: But we had to climb really, really tall up the stairs. And we were looking out over all these trees. We were seeing some birds flying around with long tail feathers– blue, red, and yellow. Very beautiful birds. She said, don’t be alarmed.

S0305 07

CG: There are some animals from our era that we’ve preserved down here. They’re not dangerous in their current stage of development. She didn’t say anything other than that.

DW: Did these birds look like anything we would normally see on Earth?

CG: Not too terribly unusual. I mean, there could be birds like that. I’m not that well traveled on the surface of the Earth. There could be birds like that that I haven’t seen.

DW: So they could look tropical, with the colors you described?

CG: Yeah, I guess they could be tropical. But I haven’t seen birds like that.


CG: But there weren’t like pterodactyls or anything like that.


CG: So when we were up to where we could see over the trees and towards what I would think is the middle, because we couldn’t see all the way because of the mist, there was a giant obelisk that went up that was stone and weathered. And then up even higher above it, up at the top of the cavern, was a huge plasma ball that I guess was supposed to represent the sun or an imitation of the sun. And it was a part of this, I guess, fake ecosystem that they created.

S0305 08

DW: Now, let’s just stop right there because this is one of the very bizarre things. You had this experience, you said, the beginning of September. I can prove that I sent the design, I got a sudden intuitive flash of what the cover of my new book, ”The Ascension Mysteries,” is supposed to look like, and I asked for an obelisk that had a star type of light source at the top. And I just showed it to you today, and you darn near fell over backwards.

CG: Yeah, and there was Saturn in the background.

DW: And Saturn in the background, like the amulet.

CG: I don’t know how to explain that.

DW: And I was having what appears to be the mind of this priestess trying to contact me this morning telepathically as I was waking up, and she kept saying, ”do you recognize me, do you recognize me?” So this is very much an evolving story. It makes me wonder if she has been working on us already. This is very bizarre. When you told me that– when I read that part of your story, and then I’m looking at the book cover, I’m going, wow, OK, this is nuts.

CG: People will have a hard time not believing we collaborated together to make this happen. I mean, I couldn’t– it’s strange, but–

DW: So what’s this obelisk for?

CG: I don’t know.

DW: It’s the biggest thing there?

CG: Yeah, it was the biggest thing, right in the middle. And it looked worn, like weather worn.

DW: Wow.

CG: From what I could see. It was way off. And we stayed real close–

DW: Was that like the star, like the sun, like the light source of the whole place?

CG: It was below the light source.

DW: Oh.

CG: So we walked back down the stairs and started walking towards the tree line, having conversations. And we could hear in the background, we heard at one point some elephant kind of sounds. And we were hearing different things. But we weren’t seeing them.

DW: I’m dying to know, were there anything in this area besides trees? Did they have paths that were made out? Did they have little buildings? Did it look like Stonehenge or anything like that?

CG: No. It was–

DW: Just all nature preserve.

CG: All nature.


CG: And I started walking with my hostess towards a clearing. So I wanted to see something. I wanted to see one of these animals. And we stopped, and we were talking, and Gonzales was talking with a girl, and they were talking about– Gonzales was talking about, we’d love to have things on the surface this peaceful and have everybody openly working together, and talking about a great future for humanity. And the lady he was with said kind of a derogatory statement, that she didn’t see that being a possibility for the surface, the mixed surface race, that we had–

DW: With our aggressive Draco genes.

CG: Or not just the Draco genes, the mixed genes of the beings from the other planets from our solar system.

DW: The survivors.

CG: Right, that mixed. But she said that she thought it would take forever. This is something that would not occur very quickly. And they started conversating about it.

And I started talking with the hostess, and I said, Gonzales said that the language y’all speak is pre-Akkadian or Sumerian. Do y’all have anything to do with the Sumerians? And she told me yes. She said very much so. She said after one of the minor cataclysms– and she talked about many different minor cataclysms again, and what the Earth had been through, that they had brought agriculture and different things to the Sumerians, and had brought them written language and that kind of thing. And then I started bringing up philosophical questions and mentioned that on the surface, more and more people are believing in ancient aliens and genetic manipulation and us being created by the Anunnaki, and you know, was starting to lead questions with her that way. And that’s when she said, maybe our next stop should be the library. And–

DW: Real quick though, these cataclysms, I want to point something out, because I’ve done some new research, which I did not know you were having this experience while this was going on. I’ve been led to study the etymology of the word cataclysm, and cataclismos, which is Greek, and it means destruction by water. But there’s another word, conflagration, which means destruction by fire.

And there’s a very widespread, as I’ve now discovered– it’s going to be in the new book– a very widespread ancient tradition through Greek and Roman, Stoicism, Akkadian, Babylonian, Sumerian, where they all say that at the end of the big cycle, there’s a conflagration. There’s a solar flash. And so they differentiate by fire or by water. Now, these people had to have something to do with that message coming in. So I’m wondering if they ever got into the idea of a flash, of a solar flash, as one of the seeds of these catastrophic changes?

CG: We spent a lot of time in the library talking about a lot of very in-depth things like this.

DW: OK, this is the part I haven’t heard yet.

CG: Yeah.

DW: Good.

CG: A lot of very, very controversial things for most people came up. But once she suggested this, about this time we heard the sound of a very loud, large cat.

DW: Oh, my god.

CG: That wasn’t that far away, and you could feel it in your chest. It was very deep, loud.

DW: And we know that sabertooth tigers were all over the Earth up until 50,000 years ago.

CG: Yeah. So, we didn’t get to see it, but–

DW: They said they were all safe, right? Like, the animals are not going to attack you?

CG: Well, yeah, they said they were not dangerous in their current state of development, whatever that means.

DW: I don’t know if that would make me feel all that comfortable if I heard that.

CG: It didn’t make me feel all that comfortable. But we were already talking about the library, and we started to head back towards the big entrance. And after the cat sound, we looked back, and Gonzales was still in the same area with the lady he was talking to. And they had looked in the direction of the cat. And he was looking back and saw now that we were headed back up towards the door, and then they headed our direction.

DW: So is this like the typical creepy lion roar?


CG: Yeah, it was–

DW: Wow, OK. And you felt it in your chest? It was that close?

CG: Well, it was that powerful, that deep. It, like, rattled your insides.

DW: Did you see any other beasts? Elephants or anything like that?

CG: No, I didn’t see any other– anything other than the birds and the plants.


CG: We were headed out. She seemed to know that Gonzales already had a– it seemed prearranged situation to where in one of their craft, they were going to fly him back to one of the bases.

DW: Okay.

CG: And she said, if it was okay, she wanted to take me to the library. And Gonzales was visibly disappointed. And he wanted to talk to me before he left. And he mentioned to me, he said, this isn’t going to go over well. He goes, I wish we would have went to the library first. He goes, I really would like to have been there. But when I report back to the council, Secret Space Program council, you know, I’ll report that you got to go to the library. Just make sure you remember as much as possible, and give me a briefing within 48 hours, so you don’t forget what you’ve learned.

DW: I thought Gonzales, from what you described, and I don’t know how much we really covered this here, but you said that he had been through several meetings with these people already.

CG: He’d never gotten a tour.

DW: So he was seeing all this for the first time too.

CG: Yes. He jumped–

DW: What did he look– what was the look on his face as he’s seeing all these things, the gardens and the saucers flying through the air?

CG: Well, he was looking like he was in awe a couple times, like with the saucer thing, but I really wasn’t watching him that closely. I was looking around. But I imagine he was taking it in as much as I was.

And I had forgotten a lot of the protocols about remember how many paces this way, you know– you’re supposed to, when you go into a new environment, you’re supposed to mentally map it out and that kind of thing. I wasn’t doing any of that. And I imagine he probably was. He had a lot more going on up here tactically, strategically.

DW: You’ve seen a lot of heavy stuff that most people would probably do anything to see. You’ve seen bases on other planets. You’ve been inside spacecraft of very advanced faster-than-light travel, portal travel. Is there anything else that you’ve ever seen that was as amazing as what this stuff looked like?

CG: No. This was a truly amazing experience in a positive, awe-inspiring kind of way.

DW: Very interesting indeed. So what was the reason why Gonzales was so concerned about this library? Did he know there was something in there that was very valuable?

CG: Intel. Library, information, intelligence. And he got to see a garden and a park.


So he wanted to see the intelligence. And he was about to be walked to one of their vessels and flown to a base, and I was about to be walked to see and have a discussion in the library.

DW: All right. Well, coming up next time here on ”Cosmic Disclosure,” you’re going to be getting my authentic reactions, stuff I’ve never heard him say before, the journey to the library. And we thank you for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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