Vatican linked to United Nation video on Integrating Extraterrestrial Life

ET Disclosure In UNICEF Video? United Nations Promotion On Accepting Others

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Sphere-Being Aliance

UN/Vatican are moving ahead with partial disclosure plans in hopes that a ”Full Disclosure Event” can be averted or at least pushed down the timeline a bit. They are now willing to admit the existence of Non-Terrestrials but are desperate to keep their crimes against humanity hidden for another generation. 
I do not understand how they think it is possible, but they think if they control the disclosure narrative and get people talking about the subject on their terms that they will be able to manipulate society once again.
Whether this will be allowed is largely in our hands. I for one believe it is time for full disclosure so we can begin to move on a post disclosure civilization. They are negotiating heavily in the background however to control the narrative (For OUR own goods of course) of disclosure on their terms.


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