Forbidden History of the Pre-flood World

Forbidden History: Vatican’s Long Plot to Cover up the History of the Pre-flood World

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Timothy Alberino and Steven Quale are the producers of the documentary film True Legends: The UnHoly See, which details the Vatican’s suppression of human history reaching back tens of thousands of years. It also describes the connection between extraterrestrials, Giants, UFOs, and an upcoming ”official disclosure” that they are preparing for at this time.

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The Vatican is the public face of a group of despotic controllers who have managed society from behind the scenes for thousands of years. These elites claim to be genetic descendants of the Watchers or ancient extraterrestrial refugees that fell to Earth after their home world was destroyed. They are masters of manipulation, propaganda, and mind control, using seemingly innocuous things to further their agenda of elitism, separation (divide and conquer), and parasitic control.

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According to Alberino and Quale, the Vatican are planning to usher in a new savior of humanity in the form of extraterrestrial angelic-like beings, using this narrative to start a new one-world religion, not unlike the way they used the story and life of Jesus. The agenda sounds remarkably similar to the partial disclosure agenda discussed by Secret Space Program insider Corey Goode.

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In a Cosmic Disclosure episode that aired in December 2016, Goode said that the infamous Project Blue Beam or false alien invasion plan was abandoned in favor of a partial disclosure agenda for the slow preparation of humanity for an ”official” disclosure of the extraterrestrial reality. This plan would involve ET saviors, the discovery of ruins in Antarctica and thousands of elongated skull giant humans, and the creation of a new religion. This agenda has been unfolding over at least the past three years, with media outlets and academic institutions slowly seeding the public consciousness for acceptance of the extraterrestrial narrative by way of exoplanet discoveries, revision of the Drake Equation, the Ceres planetoid, and much more.

The Vatican has already laid the groundwork for accepting extraterrestrials into modern life by saying it wouldn’t be antithetical to baptize an alien.

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To the uninitiated masses, the partial agenda will seem like official disclosure has finally come about. However, the event is actually a way to use the extraterrestrial issue and related ancient astronaut field to create a new and ”improved” control system, where the people believe they’ve entered a modern intergalactic society, but in reality, it is yet another well-crafted illusion—masking a technocratic slavery system.

Yet, if Goode is to be believed, then within the Secret Space Program is a group of benevolent insiders who are actively warring with the despotic elites to realize a full disclosure scenario. This plan would release all secret history, technology and information to the public in a series of large data dumps that would include the many crimes against humanity at the hands of the very people trying to bring about partial disclosure.

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The following article and videos reveal the research of Steve Quale, Timothy Alberino, and others who discovered this age-old plot to control the masses by carefully sculpting history and modern-day socio-political narratives.

I added several other interviews and videos after the first. You can buy the DVD, Bluray, or stream the documentary here: True Legends: The UnHoly See.

– Justin

SourceThe Event Chronicle

by UFO Sightings Hotspot, November 1st, 2016History has been suppressed in the biggest, long-term cover-up ever and the Vatican knows all the secrets.The Vatican is constantly monitoring things with the Lucifer device and they are secretly preparing for the arrival of alien savior.

They seem to be intentionally creating something that is going to position the Roman Catholic Church to be at the forefront of an official disclosure multi-value get easy above the ufology ways that they can’t even imagine.

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History has been literally rewritten and the archaeological establishment as well as the as well as the educational establishment would like us to believe that thousands of years ago mankind was in the anthology and that we were in the infancy of our species and we were banging stones together and barely able to build a mud hut let alone the amazing megalithic structures that are present all over the earth standing in testimony testifying in themselves of a superior race society.

Those who control the past control the future and no organization on earth has a tighter grip on the official history than the Roman Catholic Church.

Connect the dots and present evidence of a long plot to cover up the history of the pre-flood world and to prepare humanity for the arrival of our space brothers bringing a different gospel.

Timothy Alberino, director and host of the new documentary ‘True Legends: The UnHoly See’, discusses evidence that the Vatican is behind a vast cover-up of pre-Flood history.

Here are additional videos for research.



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