How To Open Your 7 Chakras – As Explained In a Children’s Show


The Wisdom of the Last Air Bender | How To Open Your 7 Chakras – As Explained In a Children’s Show

by Justin Deschamps

One of the best places to hide something you don’t want people to take seriously is in fiction.

In this short excerpt from the animated series Avatar The Last Air Bender, much wisdom is revealed. A technique for opening up the energy centers of the body is presented that corresponds with other well-established methods, and if one is open to it, they can be greatly empowered by what is offered.

But how many children fully recognized the power of what they were seeing in this show? Most likely the uninitiated who have seen this segment before assumed it was part of the story, having no basis in truth at all. One who thinks this way—arguably the majority of the population—may even discount others who practice such methods in their lives.

Given that this inaccurate judgment the show seems to be happening for the unawakened masses, it suggests that this TV series, like other fantasy works, is part of a disinformation campaign to belittle and trivialize the very real power of training our minds to become aware of subtle energy. But to the initiated, there is powerful wisdom to be gleaned herein.

As the below-linked article discusses, lack of acknowledgment in our psi abilities actually prevents them from developing within us.

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This is because the mind itself has a metaphysical substance and form, which requires holistic integration (open-mindedness) in gain skill with—we can’t become better at something we don’t think is possible.

If we doubt, even for a moment, in our abilities, this collapses probability waves in consciousness that prevent the activation of psi abilities—to use a quantum physics vernacular. Said another way, without open mindedness that these things are possible, the imagination is prevented from creating an image within the mind that then alters more dense physical matter. In this case, the opening of energy centers within the body known as Chakras.

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The allegory of the Air Bender I find quite interesting.

Air is one of the sign elements in Astrology that symbolizes intellect and reason, and when combined with the other elements, connects us to the highest levels of consciousness. The Air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini, powerful thinking and mind-expanding houses of the Zodiac. Given this, an air-bender would be someone who can expand or stir the intellectual processes of another, causing them to open their minds and imagine new possibilities. Aquarius’ in particular seem to have this catalyzing effect on consciousness.

This role of an air-bender or mind-activator can be generally associated with the concept of an ascended master, guru or monk—to name a small few. Someone who can reveal the truth about us, so that we gain self-knowledge—so we can know thyself. Arguably we each play this role for each other in our lives, as experience itself can be the most powerful activator of consciousness.

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Consider that the intellect is molded by reason and logic, the fruit of focused attention on experience to generate knowledge. This knowledge forms biases and automatic programs that settle into the unconscious mind, which influences our behavior. The conscious mind is the tool we use to re-organize the programs hidden below the surface. Therefore, when we become inactive in consciousness, we become victims of our own programming, yet the power to bend air is always within our grasp.

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But as powerful as reason and logic are (the gifts of the conscious mind) they are not perfect. We can and often do make mistakes in our thinking, perceive things inaccurately, or judge unwisely. Making contact with an air-bender, within our symbolic allegory, would be someone who is capable of stirring our intellectual pot; someone who can be a mirror so that the internal process of discernment and reorganization can take place via the conscious mind—inner Alchemy.

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In this way, we all need teachers or air-benders in our lives. Those who are able to lovingly and compassionately show us our progress so that we can do the work to become better. And eventually, we become our own air-benders, able to dissolve intellectual blockages (falseness), transforming them into holistic truths, and activating undreamed of abilities hidden within.

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Not everything in fiction is unreal, and as a matter of fact, when someone refuses to entertain an idea within a normal context, they can usually explore it within a fictional one. Imagination is a powerful skill, but like all skills, we need to practice them in order to be empowered.

Once we do become more active in gaining mastery of ourselves, life becomes easier and more rewarding, and what we once considered obstacles are now gifts to gain greater wisdom.

Thank you Jeremey for sharing this with me.

– Justin

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Published on Dec 11, 2014

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