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Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Greetings, Everybody!
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Thank you, Everybody, for sifting through this Maya, if you will, and keeping a clear channel for what’s real. OK, Rama. Lord Rama, do you want to share with us?
Rama: Oh, where to begin? Well, I had an experience today talking with my friend Star Man, who comes on Camp Lovewave every now and then.  He lives up in northern New Mexico and he has had the Andromedans, the Pleiadians, and the Sirians land, actually physically land, on his land.  And in the last couple of days the Andromedans landed with their craft, and this is like one of the first times he actually got to see their craft, and let’s say, he was brought to his knees. (Rama’s laughing)
Tara: Well, he got real dizzy and headed for the place where he thought it might have been and for the first time it wasn’t on his land. And usually they land on his land farther away from the house and then they de-board and they come toward him and this time he came toward them.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So, this was much more dramatic, and….
Rama:..and intimate, upfront and in your face.
Tara: Well, it was a larger craft.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara:  It was the size of half a football field.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And it landed on an opening, quite a large opening on the BLM land…
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: …National Forest or something there, which is on the other side of his border. And he could see the lights and he could see the object and it was very large and he headed in that direction. And then when he got in that general area, he couldn’t see it, because it was cloaked.
Rama: Right.
Tara: And so, I’ll just read a little bit, he gave me a list, and by the way, our friend’s name is Star Man, very appropriately and this is up in, what’s that name of the place?
Rama: Truchas.
Tara: Truchas, northern New Mexico. And so, Star Man on Saturday, (this happened at night) and he met with 3 Andromedan ETs. They cloaked their ship after they landed it and in the open space inside the BLM land bordering his land. Before they landed, it was at night and he could notice their lights around the rim of their ship. So Star Man went to investigate, arriving at the landing spot, and he could see a depression, it’s how he knew it was there, in the ground.  And that it was about half a foot down and there were 3 of them, 3 depressions in the ground, like that made from the landing gear of a very heavy craft half a football field in diameter. As he approached the craft’s landing area, he ran into its invisible force field and then as he bumped into it and fell back on his butt, which could be called like in Star Trek 2 -The Voyage Home,
Rama: four.
Tara: Oh, Star Trek 4, sorry. That’s right, The Voyage Home. So then, a panel opened on the craft and an entrance ramp appeared from the opening.  Three 9 and a half feet-tall Star Beings emerged from the craft and de-boarded down the ramp. From his position on the ground Star Man could see a glow coming from their auras. It was violet flame light. They approached Star Man and said: “Greetings, Commander!” And Star Man stood up and said “Greetings!” in return. And “For what reason do I deserve this visit?” And they responded: “We are preparing humanity for our arrival en masse. We sensed a little trepidation at the moment in your energy field.” And Star man said: “I didn’t expect you in this manner as it is unique and unusual from my encounters on my land with intergalactic brothers and sisters I might have.” They then said, “Say hello to our crew.” Over 100 windows appeared up above the first tier on the second tier; over 100 crew members were waving at Star Man through the windows.
Rama: He was saying that he had tears in his eyes in this moment.
Tara: Oh, my!
Rama: Yeah, it was just so light and there was just so much love that they poured on this guy. He was like, you know, kinda overwhelmed as he was telling me his story. (Rama’s laughing)
Tara: That’s good to share Rama. Thanks for sharing this.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So, Star Man waved back, then the windows disappeared and a two-tier windowless craft took form. Then the Star Being said: “We are from Andromeda and we wish to give you a gift.” They presented him with a large many-faceted diamond shaped laboratory created quartz crystal made on their ship. It was about 3 inches across and 3 inches deep. Star Man received the gift and thanked them. They asked Star Man to place the crystal on the grassy ground. As he did so the crystal lit up like the sun. Then a vision appeared. In the vision Star Man saw all these domes. And the Andromedan said: “Very soon as you complete your already begun negotiations to acquire this land, clear this space of the rocks and other debris and we will manifest a spherical light city right here and the 144 awakened star brothers and sisters who wish to form a light city with you, and we, will form community together. The Star Beings and Star Man bid each other farewell. The Star beings returned to their craft. The ship silently lifted off and cloaked and disappeared. Star Man gathered up his crystal gift. The Star beings told Star Man to work with the crystal in his  meditations. ”We will be back, at the right time,” is what they told him telepathically, as they left. Mother [Sekhmet] told us as she showed up through Rama this afternoon after this story, that Star Man is getting volumes of information ever since this occurred on this past Saturday evening on who to contact and on the nature and the purpose of this particular light city.
Tara: On another note, Rama visited Rana Mu today, this afternoon. Rana Mu shared that all the stories going on right now have to do with the tremendous up-tic with the frequency shift. And just as you are watching yes, the up-tic in the frequency shift, it’s because it’s needed right now because, for instance, this policemen was acquitted in Cleveland for clearly what was – should not have been acquitted – let’s just put it that way. And there are tens of thousands of people in the streets and it has been going on all week and it’s going on today and it’s not going to stop. And the news is being reported, and people are speaking from the political stratosphere about this, saying that something has to be done now, you know, changing our policies with the police force, changing the way they were treating people, many, many things. I did know that there were some things as of today that were changed in the Cleveland police force. They have some new rules and the first one is, officers are barred from using head strikes with hard objects; the second one is they are instructed to use de-escalation techniques before resorting to any force whatsoever. And the third one is, they were told not to retaliate as individuals verbally confronted or disrespected the officer. So, they are beginning to be taught how to be still and know they are God.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And I would just say that there was a previous experience that Rama reported on Monday that occurred over the weekend. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell,
Rama: Kurt Russell
Tara: And do you want to tell that story, Rama?
Rama: ..and Dr Rick Strassman and…
Tara: He was on Camp Lovewave, Dr Rick Strassman. He’s a shaman and a psychiatrist and a psychologist…
Rama: ….and he was with Ram Dass and Timothy Leary and the original folks that began the psychedelic experience back in the 60s. Rick Strausman created a movie that’s on the internet called Spirit Molecule and it’s talking about DMT. DMT is in the pineal pituitary gland. 
Tara: It is what triggers dream time.
Rama: And it’s every night we have experiences with DMT.  It’s interesting that when we get ready to leave this physical temple of the living God, the body is flooded with DMT. And it gets it ready for the altered state of stepping into our light bodies….
Tara: …and usually what’s ocurring as you would be….
Rama: …leaving….
Tara: leaving in a death experience…
Rama: Right.
Tara: You are actually already through the vision of the dream time. You are actually seeing yourself going to the other side. You’re actually primarily more on the other side.
Rama: And when people go through hospice, he talks about this with Barbara Marx Hubbard, and the other lady who does, you know, helping people through hospice and the leaving – I can’t remember her name at the moment. [Elisabeth Kubler-Ross] Also Alex Gray, the visionary artist was with his wife on Camp Lovewave on Saturday, and they were talking about their DMT experiences with Terrance McKenna, Ram Dass and Timothy Leary and these folks all went to India back in early 70s connected up with Neem Karoli Baba and the Shivananda Ashram also Maharishi.
Tara: OK, so the point is that they want to and they already are forming these like MASH units and the money is coming from the blessings of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell who already received their NESARA blessings back in 1995.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And so, not only are they going to do this with helping on the ground here in the United States and with PTSD syndrome, but they are going to use shamans as part of the team, there are going to be doctors and nurses and the ordinary medical profession but there are going to be shamans and spiritual teachers and a whole different east-west thing in Ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture doctors, and they are just going to use things to open the spiritual centers. And they are not just going to be doing this with our people like our PTSD veterans. They are going to go to all the countries in the world where, somewhere or another, along the way, our soldiers harmed people or killed people in those countries whether they say that was our mistake or, you know, collateral damage, you know, or whatever…they are going to go and they are going to help the families. And they are going to use that, and the other thing they are going to use is CBD, which is the type of cannabinoid that is found in a certain marijuana plant. And what this is done for is it completely, once they figure out the proper dosage, it completely removes all epileptic or any kind of seizure or central nervous system disorder. This is immense in terms of what they can do to help people, especially people who have been harmed with Agent Orange over there in Vietnam or numerous other places, or they got harmed by a bomblet in some countries where we are the ones that dropped them. This is a different thing, so we are taking care of this in Goldie Hawn’s project and she’s kinda leading the way and Kurt Russell’s project, together with a team of volunteers. And it’s all voluntary. And this is just an example of what we are going to be able to do now.
And of course when we have the talking stick, and it’s already happening now on the discussion about what to do with these banksters that just got a slap on the wrist, that’s going further because Rama was told that, over the weekend or even earlier last week that she’s filed criminal charges, even though they’ve just got that slap on the wrist, Loretta Lynch filed criminal charges which were different. But the thing is that has to be applied now, because all the CEOs of those five banks, they all admitted that they collaborated as the CEOs along with their board members in a criminal activity. So, Tom Hartman had one person on his place who said, now is the time where you should actually do what this kind of a criminal charge is – not to a corporation, a building – because it was just a corporation, a building that was charged as a corporate person, that the actual question was that CEOs and board members need to have all their assets seized, every last one of them, all the money, all their cars, all their homes, everything they own. And that’s a big change!  And so, again, by her filing these criminal charges there’s going to be more to come.
And let’s just say that we are the ones we have been waiting for and that, this is the time, and everything is beginning now, so let us stand, and let us live and go [forward].  What Rana Mu said, she basically said “I can’t tell you any more than this.”  She basically said, you know, in this nano-second that something is about to change – radically. So, it’s really in our hands to make it so.
Rama: Blessed are the peace makers.
Tara: And let us honor the peace makers every memorial holiday from hence forward. That’s where we are going and that’s where we all need to be going now. I pass the talking stick back to you.
Transcription by Adriana.

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