Lame Stream Media, Q, Fueless Energy, Natural and Energy Cures

We are moving through a veritable hit storm. Everything is surfacing, the masks are coming off and soon everything will be made known as to people’s true intentions and motives. Many have fallen and in their own self-righteuos twisted way they actually be lie ve they are serving god when it is their own unhealed agenda influenced by unseen negative influences running the show. Beware of the world of opposites in the deepstate/archon/draconian grid.

There is a biblical saying you can measure the god they are worshipping by the works they produce and the company they keep.

The lies and gossip circle the world twice before the truth has time to tie its shoes.

We all have to step back and look at the source of our inspiration, what is the real source fueling our words and deeds. With the planets lined up in retrograde, mars and mercury direct everything is pointing to a hot fiery August. There are spiritual fires or a major infusion of higher consciousness and energy which are bringing everything to the surface. This is going to produce a brutally honest reality check. There will those willingly and in error working with the Archons, Serpent Beings, Reptillians, Negative Greys, Low Level Astral Beings etc. They are being hooked by their own denial and self-serving agendas. Once hooked you cannot reason with them. Why? Because Arcons cannot tell the truth and they have no shame. Which brings us to the Lame Stream Media. All you have to do is reverse everything they say and realize what they are accusing others of they themselves are doing. They attack the conspiracy people, a name used by the agencies and their talking heads to discredit and push their lies and deceptions. These falsehoods they promote have and will continue to be proven incorrect. This not only applies to the lame stream media it also applies to all walks of life. I have seen it in the business, religious, spiritual and UFO community. This is replete through the movie and music industry.

There is a saying in the East, there are no perfect men, only perfect intentions.

Many things begin with high ideals and perfect intentions yet often get hijacked by darker forces. This is the world of opposites. You are going to see a great revealing in all organizations and institutions. During this process you will see the opposite effect. It is important to remember not everything you perceive is how you perceive it. On what do you base your opinion? What kind of programming and conditioning have you been exposed too? What kind of environment were you raised in? All this determines your come from, your attitudes and beliefs in the world in which you live. Yet what if the conditioning was false? How would you know? Where did you get your be lie fs. Have you heard of project mockingbird? Has the television created your beliefs? Fakebook? Do you have any first-hand knowledge, researched alternative views, how much time do you spend in Nature.

Did you know you are heavily influenced by the Archon/Draconian grid. The misuse of technology, cell phones, WiFi, even satellites. Did you know the global elite are puppets for unseen negative entities? It happens when they do their ceremonies, sacrifice Care, etc. Did you know Satanic ceremonies are replete within the movie and music industry. How about the main stream news? Do they participate in these rituals and does the global elite own them? Now this is the 60 dollar question. Why in the hell do we depend on them to entertain us, inform us, and look up to them as icons and leaders? What do you expect to come from them? Seriously sit down and contemplate this.

The next question is who are they attacking and why? If they are the enemy of these nefarious organizations then they are most likely on the right side of the fence. Thus the manifestation of Q. Q is a collective of white hats that took the red pill and are working to redirect humanity and the Earth from a self-destructive path. The global elite puppets of the Archons have another agenda. There is so much inhumanity on Earth because there are extreme nonhuman influences. This is what the white hats are moving against. The deep state, global elite etc. are the suppressors of truth, the awakening and healing of Humanity and Earth, this includes fueless energy, natural and energetic healing.

The white hats are backed by the source itself and a multidimensional light force some call Star Nations or The Galactic Federation along with many of the Saints, Sages and Ascended Masters. These unseen negative influences, and global elite are losing control, they are not frequency specific to the Earth’s evolution or what some call ascension. The white hats, those in service to others, the light workers are all going to be under attack. The closer you get to Nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads. The character assassinations have begun. In the end the truth will rise and the real agendas will be exposed. Rise above it. Nothing is how it seems. Focus on the higher consciousness and energy, hold that space and know the chaos will soon be over, this too shall pass. What is all boils down to is, Are you creating heaven on Earth, what is your agenda, your come from. Are you perpetuating the chaos, the division and separation?

Be well,

James Gilliland