The Foundations for Secret Space Program and The Fourth Reich

Operation Paperclip, also know as, Project Paperclip, is probably one of the most influential secret government developments of the past 100 years. It was primarily an effort of the United States, but what came about as a result of this enterprise would have global and even exopolitical implications. For those searching for a more accurate version of history, this now declassified operation is prima fascia evidence that the powers behind the Nazi regime infiltrated and took over the American military industrial complex. By all accounts, the past 50 years of US and geopolitical policy has been shaped by this enigmatic merger.

What has been largely unrevealed to the public is that both groups had their own secret space programs being developed prior to World War II. But this now unified group formed a multinational clandestine secret space program that has existed since the 1960’s, producing a Star Trek level of advancement as of today’s reckoning. This was Made possible by the union of the German and American secret space programs between the end of World War II and the beginning of the ’Brain Drain era’, in the early 1960’s.

The following a compilation of two articles from Biblioteca Pleyades, an incredible archive of information, which could easily be thought of as a modern day version of the library of Alexandria.

I will list the first two out of a dozen articles from that site in completion for ease of reading, but I strongly encourage everyone to explore the complete compendium of information offered there. I have known about this site for over five years, and it continues to be an invaluable resource on my path of awakening.
Nazi-UFOs-over-congressThe following data helps provide verification for the work of several contemporary secret space program insiders, namely, Corey Goode and William Tomkins. Tomkins data relates to the lower level military industrial complex, whereas Goode’s data discusses high-level operations and developments usually undisclosed to even high level insiders close to Earth. Goode’s testimony greatly expands the overarching narrative of modern human history and seemingly helps one gain greater understanding into these perplexing areas of research.

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Here is a brief recounting of some of the narrative pieced together from Goode’s testimony, which should help set the stage for Operation Paperclip data in this compilation. Many of the more peculiar aspects of Operation Paperclip begin to make sense within a secret space program narrative.

Shortly after World War II, the American military-industrial complex recruited a great many top-level Nazi scientists, engineers and adept thinkers into the American intelligence apparatus. Prior to this development, secret space programs were being independently advanced on both sides, but the Germans were light years ahead of the American group; that is no figure of speech.

According to Goode, the Germans also built out a vast Antarctic base network, prior to the end of the war, after realizing the overt war effort was not going to end well for them. After the war, the best and brightest minds of the German program resettled in Antarctica, continuing to advance their already highly advanced secret space program.

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Unbeknownst to the Americans, the Germans who came over during Paperclip had a secret agenda, to infiltrate and take-over the American military-industrial complex to service the ends of the German program. And over a course of time, this is exactly what took place.

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The German program was working with at least two different groups that helped advance technology developed from earlier efforts. During the 1920’s and 30’s in a raiders of the lost arch style expeditionary campaign, they searched for ancient texts and monastic knowledge to assist them in reverse engineering ancient vimanas or flying machines.

One of the races the Germans made contact with claimed to be from the Aldebaran star system, but could have actually been ancient breakaway civilization humans living below the Earth’s surface. These contacts came about as a result of advanced mediumship cultivated by the Thule and Vril societies, which provided the Germans invaluable intelligence as to where bases could be established in the secret places of the Earth, as well as locations of ancient texts needed to further their antigravity spacecraft program. The Germans were successful in that effort, and by the end of the war, they were already advancing well beyond their previous set of accomplishments.

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After a few waves of German scientists came over, they decided to give the Americans a few tokens of appreciation for being briefed into high-level American programs, which came in the form of these older reverse engineered craft, what Americans were calling ARVs or Alien Reproduction Vehicles. This kept the Americans busy for a time while the German group continued their infiltration efforts.Related Analysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG NAZI ”Alien Reproduction Vehicle”/ARV – Nazi Die Glocke – ”Gold from Mercury Problem”

At one point, the Americans realized that the Paperclip Germans were in contact with a group in Antarctica, which confirmed several troubling reports related to the possible existence of German encampments there. In an effort to deal with the German problem, Operation Highjump was to send an invasion force to the icy continent, commanded by Admiral Byrd. Despite being one of the largest Naval forces assembled, they were almost completely disabled by German resistance, which had far superior technology than the American forces.Related Operation Highjump and the German UFO Connection | Mid 20th Century Secret Space Program History

Shortly after this effort, President Eisenhower gave his famous speech warning of the military-industrial complex, which by this time, had been taken over by the German program.Related Agarthans or ETs? | Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials or Ancient Breakaway Civilization Humans From Inner Earth?

It was this insidious union that set the course of history for the next 50 years, bringing us secret programs like MK ULTRA, transforming into a multi-national organization encompassing nearly every nation on the planet. According to Corey Goode, this overarching group is called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, which as of today, has colonized the solar system and beyond, even developing trade agreements with over 900 extraterrestrial races. And this same group has unfolded their draconian agenda here on Earth as well, literally kidnapping human beings at a staggering rate for human trafficking operations with nefarious groups. They even have a ’fake’ military abduction program, which leads victims to believe they are being abducted by extraterrestrials, but are in fact, human operatives using the victims for genetic research or even the implantation of alien human hybrids.Related Aol Reports: Alien Human Hybrid’ Believed to be Secret Government Operative Found Dead in SUV in Los Angeles [videos]

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Do any of these points sound familiar? There are aspects of this narrative being disclosed to the public right now in fictional works. In the film, Captain America Winter Soldier, an aspect of the military-industrial complex was taken over by ’Hydra’ a group of Nazi’s that came over during Operation Paperclip.Here is a brief clip from that film discussing this:


In another glaringly obvious soft disclosure, the TV show X-Files recently came back on the air after nearly a 14-year hiatus. The show is already infamous for espousing belief in conspiracy theories discussing UFOs, extraterrestrials, and a secret government, but in the first episode of season 10, the show outdoes itself in disclosure of historical data points related to the existence of secret space programs. 

For all intents and purposes, the lower level narrative of the secret space program, wherein the Nazi’s took over the secret government of the United States, and suppressed technology in public, while developing it in secret, is clearly articulated in the first episode. For more on this see the following article.

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To be clear, the narrative discussed by X-Files is hardly the complete picture. At this stage, the ’close to Earth’ secret space program seems to be what is revealed there, with NRO type insiders claiming to have the highest level need to know intel.

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But this appears to be part of the compartmentalization effort in the programs at large, wherein, insiders are told they have the highest level access but are in fact, not completely briefed on all activities. These individuals end up becoming some of the best disinformation agents insofar as vehemently opposing any insider testimony that does not agree with what they have been told.

In my view, the following presentation of historical facts related to Paperclip will probably become official history, after a large-scale disclosure event occurs. But to be clear, this event is not guaranteed.

Goode claims that an aspect of the secret space program began to break away from the corporate conglomerate chiefly for the purposes of ending the truth embargo and finally releasing hidden technology to the planet. Our ability to find and share the truth, regardless of the source, is an essential part of preparing the way for what he calls ’Data Dumps’, wherein the whole truth will be revealed to all people everywhere. In order to help facilitate this process, he has rightly called for unity within the awakening community, which I think is an essential part of our effort to regain freedom and ensure life is prosperous for generations to come.

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As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, as such, take the time to gain awareness of these now officially acknowledged historical events.

Source – Biblioteca Pleyades

[This is the ’table of contents’ listing all the material related to Paperclip available on the site. Only the first two english articles are listed in this compilation. Click the other items to review even more data about PAPERCLIP.]

 – ”Operación Paperclip” – De Las V2 a La Luna – La Alianza del Pentágono con Los Nazis

Additional Information

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