Qanon dig NWO /_\ United Nations Luciferian Communism Eye of Providence

Using several Qanon drops I go over the roots of the United Nations and many of their sub-organizations to take you on the Soviet/Communist and Occult tour of the people involved in bringing us into our current paradigm

I briefly talk about POTUS’s efforts to re-order the world by looking at his visits to Saudi Arabia and China.

Next I go over the leaders & architects of the United Nations & sub-orgs to show you their associations with communism or the Occult.

It gets weirder as it goes along.
The UN is not at all what people think it is.
I talk about Trudeau’s Globalism vs Trumps refusal to go along with it.

I wrap up with something CREEPY but interesting I discovered and give you a warning about an upcoming event.


Amazing Polly/YouTube