Secret Space Force and Reptilian Control of Earth

Retired Navy designer William Tompkins gives a firsthand account entitled ”What I learned in the Navy, and How it is Still Secret Today” in an utterly mind blowing revelation of what our so-called government really is and what they are doing with alien technology. He claims that the United States has and uses multiple alien contact technology and ongoing deals and associations without telling us, because apparently, a race of reptilians type called ”Draco reptilian” control earth’s population with gas and ELF broadcast similar to what is shown in the movie ”They Live”. Corey Goode, former worker in the secret space program corroborates what William testifies (for more detail read William Tompkins ”Selected by Extraterrestrials”).

Notice we cannot be certain if all of the information or even general narrative described by William Tompkins, if it is accurate, or if false information was given to him to mislead away from the truth, but this witness is so important for what it tells us that it is worth it for everyone interested to hear and consider. It is my opinion as a Christian that there are indeed extraterrestrials, described in the bible as ”nations far off”, which do indeed have dealings with earth. This does not mean there are not also friendly aliens, but the problem is we just don’t know because we already have a WORLD GOVERNMENT that won’t even tell its citizens the truth we are all entitled to know. (MUFON 2018, William Tompkins passed away in August of 2017)

This is a re-edit because the sound was highly irregular and hard to listen to with rise and fall in volume, and pauses while technical difficulties were sorted out. Americans have a right to know this information and Americans have a right to demand that our government tell us the truth, or be overthrown permanently and a new form of government established. What we have now is covert non-human controlled dictatorship, not a democracy as we thought, and the first step to taking our country is for people to be informed of the ET reality so we can begin to acclimate people away from the programming we have all gone through to make ETs a subject for lunatics. That is how they keep their rule of humans secret. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW OUR GOVERNMENT HAS DEALS WITH ETS, AND IS USING ET TECHNOLOGY, AND SPENDING OUR MONEY ON THESE THINGS! WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!

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