The Days to Come


January 4th 2019
We have spoken often about the waves of energy coming in which are increasing exponentially. The last wave peaked on the 16th of December and we are still feeling its effect. The next wave will peak on January 24th. There are also some major planetary effects coming up. The best way to understand what is going on is everything on this dimension owes its existence to the higher dimensions. In the 4th dimension there are levels the lowest of which maintain some pretty nasty entities. Discarnate spirits, negative ETs, greys, reptilian, serpent beings, fallen Annunaki what many would call demonic or archons. This is being cleaned up. The Luciferian or Satanic worshipers call on these entities for power over others, fame and material wealth. This is replete within the institutions where there is a hierarchical ladder of power. Religious, Political and corporate unfortunately in most cases become darker at the top. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the throne of the Pope and his hall.

This infiltration includes the movie and music industries. They are masters at manipulation especially with the first three chakras or levels of consciousness. Survival, Sex and Power. Sense gratification is their goal and it has degenerated to drugs, pedophilia, even child sacrifice the ultimate slap in the face to Creator. Unfortunately, this has been taken to a point of no return with some especially with those they refer to as the deep state or dark hats. Trump whether you like him or not was installed by the white hats due to the rapid decline of America, acts of treason beyond our wildest dreams, corruption and degeneration of the leadership. Most have formed their opinion of Trump due to CIA operatives within the lame stream media as well as statements made by those, if exposed, have the most to lose. The ones screaming the loudest making the most accusations towards the white hats are usually the ones most guilty.  It is a very dark web, a network of depravity. People are sensing the character of these folks, the lies and deceptions. Most are walking away. I would go back to their past statements, know their agenda, who they are defending and watch as the house of cards fall. The evidence is clear, the agencies were weaponized, along with the media to support a den of vipers. Hollywood and the music industry taking the moral high ground in their accusations is pure insanity.  When all is made known referring to some of these folks as vipers is a compliment. Have you ever wondered why many of the old statues show Archangel Michael and Mary standing on or subduing a snake or reptile? It is not a representation of the double wound serpent represented in the caduceus or the rising kundalini.

What is happening is the source itself, God/Creator/Great Spirit whatever name you want to give it has said it is finished. There is a multidimensional force which includes what some would call Angelic, Arc Angels, Ascended Masters and some very spiritually and technologically advanced off
worlders, some of which were our ancient ancestors are pressing hard on the physical, 3d world. The old draconian law or archon grid is collapsing. A cleaned up 4d and 5d world will take its place.  Some are here to right a wrong due to the participation of some of their fallen ancestors. It is all about frequency and ascension. The Earth is ascending. The higher dimensional benevolent forces are helping her to ascend. The unconscious and darker forces are caught in the middle. They are the perpetuators of the pain, suffering, poverty, stunting the evolution of humanity. This began with an agreement made by Marduk, a fallen Annunaki with reptilian and other degenerate beings for total supremacy of the Earth. He warred on his own people. We have been under draconian law ever since. A more recent example is when humans aligned with the same dark forces created United States of America Inc. We are not a democracy, we are a Republic with a constitution as the supreme rule of the land. It was a divinely inspired document created to put an end to tyranny and keep the power with the people. The founding fathers said we have given you a republic, let’s see if you can keep it. It is up to the people to remove the usurpers of that Republic and restore Universal Law. This is what is unfolding on this 3d world as we speak. Do not forget there are legions of light warriors in the other dimensions also doing their part. Also, do not forget we all have to do our part. We need to be educated if we are to rule ourselves as to what happened in the past that removed the power from the people. Who created and perpetuated the external gods and overseers diminishing personal power and the responsibility of each person to make their own personal God/Creator/Great spirit connection? Who has been controlling the people with that myth? Every real master on the Earth has made it very clear, God is within. It is the spark which can ignite into the full flame, the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The connection resides next to the heart, the house of the soul.  The spell is broken, the truth is surfacing. Which side of the fence will you be on? Denial will not remove you from what is unfolding. It will affect everyone. This is not woo woo conspiracy this is fact, it is coming from enlightenment which means to be in knowledge of both sides of the coin, no more half-truths. For those of you following the Qanon posts this gets down to the heart of the matter. For those who do not believe in conspiracy I would also recommend listening to this link. The corruption, sedition and treason are almost unbelievable. If this were to get out in its entirety the infrastructure of the political system would fall. There has to be a systematic purge to avoid mass chaos and that is why it is taking longer than we would like. This purge is happening globally. The fallen souless Global Elite are sock puppets for an even darker unseen force. It is a cosmic, multidimensional war and their days are numbered. Universal Law will prevail. The Clinton destroyed servers, laptops and blackberries all point to this server and it is in good hands.  

James Gilliland

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