The Inner Work of Seeking Truth

Wave X Misconceptions | The Inner Work of Seeking Truth and Acting Within It Is The Key

This is a follow up article to the below linked post. It discusses how the so-called Wave X phenomenon is not a single event but actually the culmination of an unending process of spiritual upliftment and activation.

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The technique for making one’s self ready to receive these energies is what the writer calls the inner work. We have been discussing this process in detail within Gaia Portal analyses, which can be found here.


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Essentially these energies are of a high level of coherence or organization. They are physical in that there is an electromagnetic expression, which in our local region of the universe is attenuated by the Sun and Earth. These energies flow into the solar system, which the sun tailors for life within it’s influence. But they are super material or metaphysical in that they affect consciousness itself.
The Truth, and our willingness to seek, understand and act within it – is the foundation for all ascension or consciousness evolution. Therefore, the inner work is the process of exploring meanings, the development of knowledge, which in turn changes how our emotions are produced. This is a function of knowledge accuracy and completeness, how well we have come to understand the truth. For example, if in our knowledge base, we define something as ’bad’, it is usually because it has not been expanded to include the whole truth. The reality of 9/11 is bad to the unawakened, but to a truth seeking mind, is part of the unfolding reality of what IS. While this event was tragic in one perspective, it was also a huge catalyst for expanding consciousness, with many people starting their journey into truth seeking as a result of it. Therefore, this event, along with any other so-called ’bad thing’ is always an offer from the universe to gain knowledge and to know thyself. 


Once this knowledge has been generated within by seeking to understand it’s meaning, we can now act it out within our lives and observe the results. If we discover that compassion maybe the best way to deal with our fellows, then it is only by trying to be compassionate, that we will see the truth personally.
In this way the inner work is a process of searching like a detective seeks for evidence, and once a complete idea is formed, it is tested in life experience. The resulting effects will confirm the idea or disprove it, giving us more nuggets of wisdom for coming to know the truth in a grander way.
This process of truth synchronization or entrainment of mind has been happening all our lives. The socalled Wave X will be a grand event of truth expression, and if our minds and hearts are clear and open, it enhance that store of wisdom we have slowly been cultivating from the beginning.
Thank you Aaron for sharing this with me.
– Justin
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