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The Sun – A Giant Stargate?

Here is what Nassim Haramein thinks about it.

March 13th, 2015

While searching in the image archive I’ve come across this particular image that is very interesting. The image was published by the Heliospheric Observatory NASA October 21 SOHO LASCO C3 2013.

There are a lot of images that ufologists have found very interesting near the Sun. While most scientists and researchers believe these images are just pixelation and camera malfunctions, ufologists believe that NASA is hiding something in these images.


Dr. Joe Gurman, scientist at the Stereo project NASA states that giant solar UFOs are just compression artifacts caused by a malfunction of the “central data recorder ‘at DSN, that stores all data playback of all missions. He believes that people who state that these strange objects, who really look like giant UFO’s are in fact extraterrestrial vehicles are unfamiliar with science and the why of these objects.

In a quantum physics solution to the mystery of the giant solar UFOs, and some physicist have even launched the theory that UFOs the size of Earth might actually be giant extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional spacecraft, which are accessing our solar system, using the sun like a black hole singularity, or stargate.

Prof. Nassim Haramein has proposed several interesting theories regarding stargates and the possibility of using the Sun as a medium to travel through.

Mr. Haramein says that data gathered from NASA’s solar observatories provides enough evidence to believe that giant solar UFOs prove that extraterrestrial civilizations can access our solar system through a star-gate in the sun using large spaceships the size of Earth. As always there are two sides to this story, those who believe that something really strange is going on around the sun, and that images provided by NASA prove that there are extraterrestrial civilizations who can travel incredible distances with the aid of our sun, and those who believe that these strange phenomena around the sun are merely malfunctions in the data transmitted from the observatories.

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