“The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth”

The powers that be, the so-called Illuminati, reveal their agenda hidden in plain sight. Nothing is truly hidden.

They do so through works of fiction.

This is for several reasons.

One, because they have to issue a notice to us as to their plans, which if we do nothing to stop, is considered acquiescence. This is understood as an aspect of divine or universal law that even they have to follow or invite intervention. I discussed this extensively in this presentation here:

Two, because revealing their true agenda through works of fiction creates a false knowledge anchor within the mind. This means, even though there is truth to what is being shown, you’ll register it as fiction, as untruth, and therefore not take it seriously. It is a form of mass mind control or social engineering, with the purpose of pacifying the public.

But make no mistake, the powers that be are carrying out what they disclose in fiction. There are countless examples to draw from.

Below is a compilation of clips from Doctor Who, Star Trek, Tomorrowland, and Star Gate, by Truth Earth.

Sourse: https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2019/11/must-see-video-deep-state-illuminati-agenda-disclosed-in-popular-fiction-the-truth-the-whole-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth/