Video Exposes Classified Anti-Gravity Craft

Video Exposes Classified Anti-Gravity Craft

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As the popularity of Nikola Tesla continues to grow globally, the interest in his “zero-gravity” anti-gravity and free-energy inventions also grows.

A video was recently put online which was reportedly created by James Allen who died of supposed radio isotope poisoning, according to according to Military-aeronautical illustrator Mark McCandish

According to

McCandlish was riding a wave of success creating visual images of top secret projects for the military-industrial and aeronautical publications.

But then McCandlish, based only in his experience, imagination and intellect, created a drawing that closely resembled a top secret project he wasn’t supposed to know anything about. In fact, his drawing was so close to the real thing that it shook military top brass to the core who feared classified information had been leaked to McCandlish. Big trouble ensued.




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