We’ve Been Off-Planet For a Long Time

Find Out How on Halloween 2018

by Teresa Yanaros, September 25th, 2018

Today, the Full Disclosure Project just dropped the most intense and viscerally emotional teaser poster for the upcoming film, Above Majestic.

This poster is just a TASTE of what the film has to offer, as it will break down lie after lie while exposing the agendas of the negative control construct who seek to hold us down and keep advanced technologies from our grasp.

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“Powers That Be,” Your Time Is Up.

We have shifted out of the age of information. The age of disclosure is nigh. We are bringing it to the masses. We are showing the people the power that they have deep inside them. It’s not latent, it’s ready to be unleashed. The powers that be are on the way OUT. #sealedindictments

The film Above Majestic is meant to shock and awe, to dredge up the sleeping masses into the realm of conscious awareness. To demonstrate what is happening on and off this planet, and to call every human to act.

The artist, Stephen Cefalo, is beyond thrilled to be bringing such important information to the public.

“I was asked to create a traditional oil portrait of a reptilian wearing a papal tiara, in the style of an old renaissance painting. I tried to get in the mindset of someone from deep in the past who had seen visions of future events and technologies, but through the lens of the middle ages. I kept asking myself “What might artwork look like that has been hidden from us away in secret vaults for centuries to hide great truths from us?” Roger has digitally added some of his own flairs and enhancements for dramatic effect.”

–Stephen Cefalo

Roger Richards, director of the film, stated,

“Working on this poster concept with Steve was an incredibly fun a creative process. We envisioned this painting as some what of a Nostradamus type prophecy, maybe a painting that was taken out of the library of Alexandria and taken to the Vatican, a prophecy of what would come.’

–Roger Richards

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We are on a trajectory toward disclosure. It’s happening so fast, better put your seatbelts on.

Richards expressed his deep excitement for the film to go live next month. Disclosure going global Halloween 2018, my friends. Stay vigilant.

“All Around Us Are Pieces of the Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.”

–Teresa Yanaros