Calling all AE911Truth Supporters:

Give This Simple WTC 7 Talk
to Your City Council!

Have you been thinking about sharing the message of 9/11 Truth with your local legislators?
If so, those who have already taken this step — such as Marvin Sannes of Portland, Oregon — can assure you that it’s possible, it’s painless, and it’s rewarding.
Most city councils and town boards set aside a time, generally at the beginning of their meetings, for residents to address any subject they choose. Typically, each speaker is allotted at least three minutes.This public forum offers the perfect opportunity for you to present the evidence of World Trade Center Building 7 to local officials and to request that they adopt a resolution calling for a new investigation of its destruction.
We’ve written a three-minute speech and resolution for you, so you don’t have to sweat what to say! Simply click here to download the speech, the resolution, and accompanying instructions.
Most council meetings provide a VGA cable that enables speakers to show a video on a large screen at the front of the room.
That’s why we’re providing a one-minute video clip of WTC 7 coming down. You can download the video clip here and show it while you’re making your speech.
Once your audience watches WTC 7 fall in seven seconds, they will recognize right away that ”normal office fires” could not have been the cause of the building’s destruction.
Not only will you be heard by local leaders, but your words — and the video clip — will probably be broadcast via public access television into the homes of all your neighbors who happen to be watching the session streamed live.
What’s more, if you make a video of yourself as you’re giving your speech, you can upload it later to YouTube and ask us to share it on our Facebook page.
If you aren’t comfortable working with computers and A/V equipment, feel free to leave the WTC 7 clip out of your speech. (Or bring along a tech-savvy friend who can display the clip and record a video of you speaking.)
Here’s another idea: You may want to take along some AE911Truth brochures and DVDs to pass out to interested council members and fellow citizens who are attending the meeting. (If you need to stock up on supplies, visit our store.)
Do you have any questions? Do you need advice on giving your presentation? Do you want some coaching tips? Or, after you’ve delivered the speech, would you care to submit a YouTube video of yourself giving the presentation? For any and all of the above, you can write to the new email address we’ve set up for this project:
Thank you for being willing to participate in this vital outreach to your local public officials and neighbors. Such grassroots actions are the most direct way to engage your community. If hundreds — even thousands — of you talk about WTC 7 in city halls across the country, the truth about 9/11 will begin to make a major incursion into the public consciousness. And that’s right where it belongs.
P.S. Would you like to have all the hyperlinks handy in one place? Your wish is our command:

  • Click here to see Marvin Sannes speak to the Portland, Oregon, City Council.
  • Click here to see Richard Gage speak to the Sandpoint, Idaho, City Council.
  • Click here to download the speech, the resolution, and the instructions.
  • Click here to download the video clip of WTC 7 falling.
  • Click here to stock up on brochures and DVDs in our store.

Email to share pre-speech queries and post-speech results.

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