You are the creator God of Your reality


You are a multidimensional being, a sovereign inhabitant of a multidimensional universe. Multidimensionality means that there are endless many Yous existing simultaneously in endless many different dimensions of varying vibrational frequencies. Each of these dimensions have a higher vibrational frequency level than the 3rd dimensional reality here on planet earth, which is the lowest and densest of all dimensions (except for the stones and minerals of the 1rst and the lower insect kingdom of the 2nd dimension). In addition to your multidimensional existences in higher realms, you simultaneously incarnate into the physical realm of planet earth, Gaia.

Your spirit and every single cell of your body has always been multidimensional, only your conscious awareness has been trained to live in the limitations and restrictions of the 3rd dimensional power struggle matrix system, which is merely an illusion created by and for the human ego mind. All this has been designed in order to abuse the human race through the lack of information (light data) and the withholding of truth to achieve an un-conscious state of being (lack of love) for an entire race.

In this time our spiritual awareness is being activated. We are witnessing a global awakening and once we accept the concept of multi dimensionality we start to grow in consciousness.

Furthermore, we are experiencing DNA upgrade at this time. In order to adjust to the frequency of the planetary body our human bodies are undergoing major transformations.

Light rays carrying information pierce their way through our bodies initiating a remembering process.

We have come to this planet to participate in the most exiting time of the human history. Some came here as renegades and others came as observers but we all came to witness change.

The unspoken is being spilled out and the unbelievable is becoming more and more conceivable. Whistle blowers like Edward Snowden, president Putin placing the US and Israel with their backs against the wall, Mehran Keshe introducing free energy technology for humanity (Free Energy -Mehran Keshe) or Manoj Bhargava who made billions with his 5hr energy shot and is donating 99% of it to charities to create water, energy, food and medicine supplies for people in need. Soon there will be proper UFO disclosure to the public by the governements and Mr Keshe already promised to deliver a teleportation device in 2016. The age of light is here now.


Each of us is a master with hidden degrees and we are just about to awaken to our infinite abilities. Call light into your being and remember. Welcome the light and remember your own divinity. The time you have waited for is now, the one you have waited for is you.

Love & Light ♥

Aurora Ray



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